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Response to those who didn't understand Ron Paul's comments.

I don't agree with every element of Ron Paul's candidacy, however, I Think he was talking about choice of participation in the Social Security, Medicare systems which are not Solvent and destroying the Federal budget. 
When the free market is available to every American for every societal concern, need, and desire that is when we all will be better off. 
The choices and equity in the system would improve for all Americans. And we would have the bonus in knowing that our Countrymen would enjoy the riches which they have earned while our federal government would not be going Bankrupt and destroying our dollar and it's concurrent buying power.
 The devaluation is a reflection of the inflated Cost of the Union labor. Union wages are reflected in the cost of Government "Prevailing Wage Laws!" it is also the result of the US printing dollars to buy its own debt. We can look at the industries destroyed, Textile, steel, and shipbuilding industries, while seeing the auto industry vacate the Labor Union controlled Midwest RustBelt, and see the jobs moving to the South where The Employees individual freedoms are extolled. 

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