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If you believe that grassroots leadership is needed to empower states to rein in federal regulators, join our "Regulation Freedom" National Grassroots Leadership Team"

Team Members will do three things:

#1 Support the Regulation Freedom Amendment" to require that Congress approve major new regulations.

#2 Support passage of a "Tenth Amendment" law in their state similar to the law just signed by Gov. Pence in Indiana to empower 2/3 of the states to force Congress to propose a specific Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

#3 Agree to personally contact at least 3 other grassroots leaders in a state with a limited-government majority in the state legislature. We can provide the contact information.

If you want to help save our nation from the irresponsible growth of federal power, join our national grassroots leadership team!

Just send your name, phone number and email address to

For more details you can visit and or contact us.

Thank you.

Roman Buhler
The Madison Coalition
202 255 5000

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I am very proud of the number of Members who took part in our Pair of Conference Calls to learn about and now support the
The Regulation Freedom States Initiative. And now as I was just told that the Tea Party Patriots are going to have a conference call, I can now say we are the leaders among Leaders in this Grass Roots Movement! And in addition we can proud of all the hard work our Good Friend and leader of this movement Roman Buhler has been able to accomplish! And if you are a devotee of Mark Levin, you may already know Mark is supporting this States' Article 5 initiative to wrest control of Regulations and taxation from the Federal Government!

Mark Levin supports Article V

You should check out Mark Levin's radio talk about his new book on how state legislators using Article V are the key to reining in Washington.

Here is the link for all of Levin's comments.

This should be a vehicle for mobilizing tea party leaders all across the nation.

Do you have time to make some calls to other state tea party leaders about the Levin message, the Regulation Freedom Amendment, and the 10th Amendment law?




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